Friday, April 8, 2011

Language Question

How do you feel when you hear someone use wrong grammar, i.e. we instead of us or they instead of it?
Do you cringe or are you willing to let language evolve.  If you cringe, what do you do about it?


Have you ever wanted to speak another language?  I'm not talking about the those boring, grammar only language classed we had to take in high school. How about saying please or thank you in the language of the person with whom you are conversing?  It's almost guaranteed to get a smile.

When I travel, I learn 10 words in the host country's language.  You'd be surprised how far this takes you.

For serious language training, our institute sends a teacher to your home or office to train just you.  You'll work at your own pace and concentrate on your language needs - business, social or travel.  Ten hours later (not all at one time) you are on your way to proficiency.

If you'd like to know my ten words, write to me.

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